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In addition to speaking specifically on increasing tip percentage and check averages in restaurants, I also provide keynote presentations and workshops.

Front-Row Service! How to be a HOSPITALITY Fanatic!

Amazing, motivating topics to choose from: When it comes to service, Marilyn wrote the book on it – literally! She has been servicing the restaurant and hospitality industry for years teaching people how to make their customers feel like a VIP. This program teaches people what to do and what NOT to do in order [...]

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Which ‘V’ Are You? Managing Change with a Positive Mindset

Amazing, motivating topics to choose from: Every organization is going through, just gone through, or is about to go through some sort of change. This topic helps people identify what it means to be a Victim, Vacationer, or Volunteer when it comes to navigating that change. Obviously, each mindset has dramatically different results. If you […]

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Communicating for Results; From Conflict to Cooperation

Amazing, motivating topics to choose from: One of the biggest stressors in business today is conflict due to unclear communication. This 90-minute workshop is packed with tools to help people manage conflict at its earliest moment and increase cooperation even with the most difficult people! This is no ordinary communications class. One HR executive recently […]

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Whose Comfort Zone Are You In?

Amazing, motivating topics to choose from: It’s time to get out of the rut and overcome fears about performing at the next level. Time to stretch for higher results! So many people allow their fear or lack of confidence to creep in preventing them from having more success. This program inspires people to reach for […]

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Why Settle for the Balcony? How to get a FRONT-ROW SEAT in Life!

Amazing, motivating topics to choose from: This program is loaded with strategies and stories to help people to stop settling for mediocre performance. So many people today settle for balcony seats or even general admission seats when in fact life is lived in the Front-Row! This is also a great message for leaders on how […]

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